Characteristic Values

Using the function Characteristic values, you can specify values for the drilldown characteristics. For example, if you are only interested in the division Electronics , you can limit your report to just this one division. The characteristic and its value then appear at the top of the report and are fixed, which means that they can no longer be used in the drill-down sequence.

If you do not specify a value for a characteristic here, the system selects all the characteristic values when you run the report. However, it makes sense to try to fix as many characteristic values as possible in order to reduce the volume of data to be selected.

If you have already chosen a key figure which is dependent on a certain characteristic (for example, Value in controlling area currency), the system automatically selects that characteristic and requires you to enter either a fixed value or a variable for that characteristic here.

Variables for characteristic values

It is also possible to enter a variable instead of a concrete value for a characteristic. This way you do not have to specify the characteristic value until you execute the report. To enter a variable here, choose the menu option Edit ® Variable on/off. For more information on variables for characteristic values, see Variables for Characteristic Values.

Hierarchy nodes

If a hierarchy exists for one of the characteristics chosen, you can enter that hierarchy instead of a characteristic value by choosing the function Hierarchy node. That way you can report on any part of a characteristic hierarchy (see also Entering and Using a Hierarchy Node).

Here we should explain the difference between the functions Variables and Characteristic values. The entries you make under Characteristic values apply to all the columns and therefore appear in the header of the report. Those you make under Variables, on the other hand, apply only to the row or column where the variable is used. For example, if you defined Column 1 with the customer group Retail under Variables, you can still look at customer group Wholesale in Column 2 and All customer groups in Column 3.