Functions for Editing Hierarchies

Characteristics are displayed hierarchically using different levels. As shown above, the number of levels to be displayed can be set using the symbols collapsed (+) and expanded (-).

It is also possible to process the levels of a hierarchy in greater detail using the menu. These functions are cursor-sensitive. Thus they let you process the rows in a specific branch.

Sorting a hierarchy

You can sort a report according to different criteria. Depending on where the cursor is standing, you can sort the rows according to the key, the name or the values of a certain key figure in either ascending or descending order.

You can also sort a report hierarchically, provided that a characteristic was defined hierarchically. Again you can choose between ascending and descending order. The cursor must be positioned on a symbol (+, -, >) before you choose the function Ascending or Descending. The hierarchies shown in the figures here are all sorted in descending order.

In compact display and asterisk display, there are also two ways to display the hierarchy. You can have the highest level (Level 1) above the lower levels, or you can place it at the bottom of the branch. The first case is referred to as top-down display, the second as bottom-up display.

The figures shown here are displayed top-down.