Hotspots on the Report List


A hotspot can appear as a text, a number or a symbol. Hotspots influence the appearance of the cursor and the effect of clicking. When you run the cursor over a hotspot, it appears as a hand with the index finger raised. When you click on a hotspot, the system carries out a specific function (either highlights the field(s) or switches to a different list).

To understand how hotspots work, you need to know the difference between one-step and two-step navigation functions.

One-step and two-step navigation

When you click on one of these, the system highlights the other hotspots it would make sense to choose in connection with that hotspot. The hotspot you clicked on is also highlighted, albeit less brightly.

If you click on a hotspot which is part of a two-step function, and then click on it again, the second click "deactivates" it.

One-step and two-step navigation is described again under Example: Navigating Using Hotspots using practical examples and graphics.


Hotspots can be texts, numbers or symbols. Texts and numbers that are hotspots are highlighted when they are active. The most important symbols used in drilldown reporting are:



Number of steps

Possible "partner" hotspots

Detail list


all rows marked with à

all symbols for "Special row" ¨

Drilldown list


Current characteristic

All non-specified characteristics


Select normal row


Symbol for "Detail list"

All non-specified characteristics


Select column group


All the columns in that group

Back one level



Return to initial list



Hide characteristic



Next characteristic value



Previous characteristic value



Choose characteristic value


Dialog box containing all values of that characteristic

Call up default report

1: detail list

2: drilldown list

All rows marked with à


In addition to these symbols, a number of other symbols sometimes appear on the screen:

Special feature

Hotspots make it possible for you to carry out functions for specific objects. At any point, only those functions are active which it makes sense to execute for the selected object (column, column group, row, cell, characteristic, and so on).

Moreover, hotspots let you navigate easily and quickly through your report with simple clicks, without having to "navigate" your way through the menu as well.

The various symbols and their meanings are demonstrated again under Example: Navigating Using Hotspots.