Example: Navigating Using Hotspots

The following contains practical tips and examples that demonstrate how you can navigate through a report using hotspots. It also contains a description of all the hotspots that can appear on a report list.

Switching between the detail list and the drilldown list


Detail list:


Drilldown list:


Row marker:



Initial list:


If the detail list for your report is defined as the initial list, the system displays this list first when you execute the report. To switch from there to the drilldown list, first click on the symbol . The system will highlight all the characteristics in the navigation area. Then click once on the desired characteristic to go to the drilldown list for that characteristic.

To switch from the drilldown list to the detail list, first click on the symbol . The system will highlight all the à symbols. Then click once on the desired line, and the system will display the corresponding detail list.

To return from any list to the initial list, click on the symbol . Note that this does not undo any settings you have made in the report, such as number formats.

Navigating on the drilldown list


Row marker



Next characteristic value


Previous characteristic value


Choose characteristic value


Hide characteristic


You are in the drilldown list that displays the individual divisions in the rows. Additional characteristics are available in the navigation area for drilling down. If you would like to replace the characteristic Division with the characteristic Product group, select Division and then click on Product group. This causes the two characteristics to trade places: The characteristic Division is now found in the navigation area and is available for drilling down, while the individual Product groups are displayed in the rows.

You are in the drilldown list that displays the individual divisions in the rows. If you want to drill down on one of the divisions -- say, Glassware -- simply double-click on that row. The system will display the division Glassware broken down according to the values of the next available characteristic -- in the graphic, this is the Customer group. The characteristic Division and the value Glassware now appear in the header on the right.

If you want to drill down on Glassware but want to see a different characteristic than Customer group, select Glassware by clicking once on the à , and then click on the desired characteristic in the navigation area. That way you can see the division broken down by product groups.

If you want to drill down further -- say, to see Retail broken down by regions -- you can do this by double-clicking on the desired row.

From a drilldown list displaying the divisions Glassware, Coffee products and Complete menus, you drilled down on Glassware to see the individual customer groups for that division.

When you did this, Glassware moved to the right side of the navigation area. From here you can also "scroll" to the next division -- Coffee products -- to look at the customer groups for that division. To do so, click once on the scroll symbol (= Next characteristic value). By continuing to scroll down, you can view all the customer groups for each division.

If you are looking at the customer groups in the division Coffee products and would like to go back to Glassware, you can do so using the symbol (= Previous characteristic value). (Note that this symbol is not active if you are already looking at the first characteristic value, here Glassware. In the graphic, this function is marked with a red "X" to demonstrate this.)

If you would like to jump directly from Glassware to Complete menus, you can do so by clicking on the symbol (= Choose characteristic value).

Any time you are not at the top level of the drilldown sequence, you can return to the previous level by pressing . And finally, you can deactivate any of the characteristics you have already drilled down to (that is, you can summarize the data for all values of that characteristic) by clicking on the symbol (= Hide characteristic) next to that characteristic. Both of these two functions move the characteristic back to the navigation area on the left side.