Function Levels for Different Users

The drilldown reporting functions are divided into three groups so that you can set up three different categories of users, depending on their tasks and what information they need. This enables users to learn how to work with drilldown reporting quickly. You can change the function level after executing a report by choosing Extras ® Additional functions.

This level is for users who want to analyze certain form reports occasionally but do not require the full navigation functionality of drilldown reporting.

This level is aimed at users who require the full functionality of drilldown reporting, including the additional download and display functions listed above.

This level is for users who need to set up reports for printing or maintain reports in more ways than is possible under level 2.

Users can change their own function level from the report list by choosing Extras ® Additional functions. However, the system checks their authorization for this before switching the level (see Customizing).

You can assign these levels to individual user master records by entering the parameter IDs RLV1 (Level 1), RLV2 (Level 2) and RLV0 (All functions) using the function System ® User profile ® User parameters.