Exporting Reports

The function Export offers you a number of different ways you can transfer your report. The system displays a dialog box in which you can choose how you want to export the report. If only one option is possible for the list currently displayed, the system automatically carries out that function without displaying the dialog box.

The following options are available:

This function is not active for detail lists and for lists with percentage shares.

This function is not active for detail lists and for lists that contain characteristic hierarchies.

This function is active for both drilldown lists and detail lists.

This function is available when the following conditions are met:

This function is only available in SAP-EIS.

This function is not active when you are displaying a hierarchy list where the different branches are expanded to different levels. In this case, you should either change the display so that all branches are expanded equally, or display a different hierarchy or no hierarchy (Navigate ® Hierarchy ® Expand to level...).

Exporting options

You have three formatting options for exporting your report list: as a text file, spreadsheet file or report portfolio report in SAP-EIS.

Choose Save as file to save the list in rich text format or ASCII format. Choose Transfer to Word to call up Word for Windows directly or to print from Word.

Choose Save as file to download all the columns of the report list or all the currently displayed columns as a spreadsheet file. If you choose Transfer report to XXL or Transfer page to XXL from the drilldown list, the system opens the Excel List Viewer and displays the report in that format. XXL format has the following advantages:

Choose Freeze data if you want to save the report as it is on the screen, including data. Choose Save definition if you only want to save the report definition as it is currently displayed, but do not want to see the same data again.

For all the export functions, the system exports the report list as it appears on the screen according to the settings you have made. You should therefore check the list and make the desired settings before exporting the list. This is especially important with regard to +/- signs, decimal places, and the characteristic values.