Create Condition

You can only define a condition for one column. Once you have defined a condition, the system only displays those objects that meet that condition. The other objects are added together and displayed in one line. Each new display condition deletes the previous condition, so that a maximum of one condition can be active.

This function is not available for report lists that contain hierarchies.


  1. Position the cursor on the column for which you want to define the condition.
  2. You receive a dialog box in which you can enter an operation (such as ">", "=" or "<") and a value.


The system displays a list containing only those rows which fulfill the condition you defined. The system calculates subtotals for the displayed rows, and aggregates the hidden rows into a row called "Remainder...". The column for which you defined the condition is highlighted, and the rows are sorted by the values in that column in either ascending or descending order.

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