Transfer report to XXL

This function lets you transfer the entire report to the Excel List Viewer (XXL). This means that all characteristics of the report are available in the Excel List Viewer. This function makes it possible to execute a drilldown report in the Excel List Viewer.


You can transfer a report to XXL when:


  1. In a dialog box, choose the characteristics you want to download. It is recommended that you choose the option "All characteristics". Should only choose some of the characteristics if the report list is so large that your spreadsheet program cannot handle it.
  2. When you transfer a report to Microsoft Excel, the data you transfer can consist of up to 16,384 rows or 256 columns. The formula for calculating the amount of data transferred from the application is:

    26 + number of data columns + 5 * (1 + number of characteristics) < 256

    Since this function transfers all the columns of the report list, you can use all the columns in formulas, not just those on the displayed list.

    Note that an additional column for the unit is transferred along with each normal column transferred.

    If you have chosen a characteristic with a hierarchy display, you should note that it is not possible to display hierarchy lists in XXL in the same form as in R/3. The data is therefore transferred as if there were no hierarchical structure for this data.

  3. If you use an operating system which does not let you operate a spreadsheet program, you can still transfer the report to XXL; however, you can only store the XXL object in Office or in a file.