Editing Exceptions


Menu path


Create exception

Extras ® Create exception

Use this function to create a new exception. For detailed documentation on this function, see Create Exception.

Display exceptions

Extras ® Display exception

This function gives you a list of all the exceptions which have been defined for the report. From there you can choose one exception to obtain detailed information about it.

Change exceptions

Extras ® Change exceptions

This function lets you change or delete exceptions. When you choose this function, the system displays a list of all the exceptions which exist for the report. Choose the exception you want to change from this list. The system then displays a dialog box in which you can change the threshold values and colors. You cannot change the area of validity for an exception once you have already created it. If you want to change the area of validity, you need to delete the exception and create a new one.

Delete exceptions

Extras ® Delete exception or Settings ® Undo ® All settings

With this function you delete all the exceptions in the report. If you only want to delete one exception, use the function Change exceptions. See also: Undo all settings

The menu paths in your application may differ from those shown above. For details, see the documentation for your application.

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