Format display on/off

This function lets you display or hide the row containing the number format in the drilldown list. You define this separately for the screen display (Settings ® Format disp. on/off) and for the printed report (Report ® Print setup ® Drilldown + detail ® Format disp. on/off).

It is possible for each cell in the detail list to have its own display format. Consequently, it is not always possible to display all this information at once. When you choose this function, the system displays the format for each cell. The information disappears again automatically when you perform another function or press ENTER .

The row Displayed in: shows what the numbers on the screen refer to.

If sales revenue is displayed in "USD 1000" and the number 123 appears in the column "Sales revenue", this means that the revenue is USD 123,000.

The row Displayed in: contains a combination of display factor and unit. The display factor is always a number, and the unit can be a currency, quantity, price or other value. In this example, the display factor is 1000 and the unit is USD.