Choose hierarchy

This function lets you choose a specific hierarchy for display or switch between hierarchical display and a normal drilldown list. This function is only active if hierarchies exist for a characteristic.

When you choose this function, the system displays a dialog box for each characteristic for which hierarchies exist. There you can choose one of the hierarchy variants or the option No hierarchy, or the option Enter when executing. (This last option only appears when you are defining the report.)

The system initially displays the hierarchy you chose in completely expanded form. You can then collapse and expand nodes using the corresponding functions.

You can also change the appearance of the hierarchy (see Hierarchy Display) or deactivate the hierarchy again to return to the "normal" non-hierarchical display.

To report only on a certain branch of a hierarchy, choose the function.

For detailed information about hierarchies, see:

Overview: Characteristic Hierarchies

Hierarchy Display

Functions for Editing Hierarchies