Hide characteristic

The navigation block and the header of the list show the characteristics for which you have specified a fixed characteristic value. You specified these values either when you defined the report or by navigating in the displayed drilldown list.

This function makes it possible to deactivate any of the characteristics you specified in a drilldown report. Position the cursor on the characteristic or characteristic value which you want to hide, and then choose this function. Note that this is only possible with the characteristics in the navigation block.

Once you have done this, the system totals the values of that characteristic and displays the new results. New rows may also appear as a result. You can now use the hidden characteristic anywhere at a lower level of the drilldown report. This means that you can display the selected report data according to any report hierarchy.

You can also access this function by pressing the symbol hotspot icon for the desired characteristic.

For a detailed description of how to navigate using these and the other hotspots, see Hotspots on the Report List.