Transfer to MS Word

This function lets you transfer the current report page to Microsoft Word for Windows and prints it from there. The system displays a dialog box in which you can choose to call up Word directly or to call it with additional settings.


  1. Choose Direct Word call-up to transfer the report list to a file and call it up in Word from there for editing and/or printing.
  2. Choose Call up Word with additional settings to transfer the report list to Word, edit it there and then print it when desired. However, this function also sends additional information to Word, such as a special Word macro or a title page.
  3. Choose how you want to print the exported file. You can transfer the list to Word with the standard settings (Non-interactive printing) or enter a name and path in which you want to save the file (Interactive printing). If you want the system to print the list directly from Word without saving it in a file first, select the Print only field.

If you select Print only, the system transfers the report list to a temporary file on your PC. After printing, the system deletes all the files in that directory. You should therefore make sure that you have no other files with the following suffixes in your temporary directory:.txt,.rtf,.ini,.doc,.wmf,.tmp or.log.