Copy to report portfolio


With this function you can copy a report into the report portfolio. If this function is not available when you try to find it, that means that you are currently displaying a list that cannot be used as the initial list for a report portfolio report. This only occurs with hierarchical lists in which different branches are expanded to different levels. To be able to copy the report to the report portfolio switch to either the detail list or to a nonhierarchical display, or expand all the branches to the same level.


  1. Enter a name, a user group and a report class.
  2. Specify whether you wnat to transfer a single screen or a series of screens. If you want to record a series of screens, the subsequent screens are stored until you choose Copy to report portfolio again. You then receive another dialog box, in which you can decide whether you want to store the screen sequence or not. You can scroll back and forth between the screens using the scroll buttons.
  3. Note that the report is first assigned to one user group only. With the function Change report in the report portfolio, you can make the same report available to other user groups. This means that you do not have to copy the same screen sequence over and over again.

  4. Specify whether you want to save the report structure only or if you also want to freeze the data. If you freeze the report data, a document is created which contains the data currently displayed on the screen. However, if you save the structure (that is, the report definition), only the functions in the report are saved. This means that the data can be selected again each time you call up the report.

The system tries to compensate for any changes made to the form, the key figures or the variables. However, any such changes (deletion of a row or column in the form, for example) may make it impossible for the system to execute the report again.