Converting ABAP/4 Programs


Transaction SSMT is a source code modification tool which performs automatic code conversion of ABAP/4 programs. You can use it to

Correcting Programs for Release 3.0 of the R/3 System

Release 3.0 of the R/3 System includes various enhancements and corrections in the ABAP/4 programming language. As a result, programs which were previously correct may now contain syntax errors.

The following problems usually arise:

The code converter concentrates mainly on the problems described in the first point. It modifies programs so that they behave in the same way as in Release 2.2. However, you should still check the relevant places in the code again. Automatic conversion is unfortunately not possible in the case of the other two points and you must therefore make any changes manually.
The conversions performed are described in detail below:


When you have entered a program name and selected Execute, the program is converted. If the conversion is successful, you get a log report of the changes made. By double-clicking on one of the items in this log, you can branch to relevant line in the source code.
Before a program is modified, it is saved in the database. If required, you can cancel a conversion, i.e. perform the save again.

All code changes are indicated in the following way:

*<original source code line>
<modified line>
* ###SAP CONVERTION STOP ### <no.>

When you select Accept , the system removes the comments and deletes the backup.
If you have to correct several programs for Release 3.0, you can use the option Mass converter.
All changes are logged in an overall log. You can view this by selecting the appropriate function in the Edit menu.

Renaming field names containing hyphens

From Release 3.0, you can nest any number of structures. The hyphen serves as a dereferencing operator. At the same time, fields can (as has always been the case in ABAP/4) contain any number of hyphens.

This was acceptable as long as only single-level structures were allowed. If possible, the hyphen will be prohibited in field names from Release 4.0 onwards.


See FORM Typing

Search and replace

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