Archiving Profile Change Records (BC-ADM-SEC)

You can archive change records for all changes to profiles.

Archiving Object

Use the US_PROF archiving object to archive change records for changes to authorization profiles from table USRH12.

Technical Information

Unless you are archiving records from an extended period of time, an archiving run should have no significant effect on the performance of your system. A profile change record requires between 0.5 and 1 kilobyte (uncompressed).

Data Dependencies

You can archive profile change records independently of other archiving programs.

Archiving Criterion and Retention Requirements

SAP recommends a retention period of 10 years for all user and authorization change records.

Change records are archived according to the date that you specify. All records older than the date are included in an archive. Old archives are not automatically deleted.

Archiving Log

The log files generated by archiving and deleting records are held in the SAP spool system. The archiving log records the number of change records archived. The delete log lists the change records that were deleted after the archiving run.

Procedure for Creating an Archive File

Choose Tools ® Administration ® Maintain users ® Profiles ® Utilities ® Archive/retrieve and the archiving function.

The archiving function calls the standard archiving interface, where the correct archiving object is already specified.

You need only specify (or create) an appropriate report variant, specify the start time and printing specifications for the background execution of the report, and schedule the report with Create job.

Please also see the documentation on the archiving procedure in general. You will find this documentation in the first section of this document.

Procedure for Executing the Delete Program

You must explicitly delete archived records after an archiving run has been successfully completed. Be sure to check the archiving log to be sure that the archiving run completed successfully. Also, be sure that you specify the same date for the delete program. Otherwise, too many or too few change records will be deleted.

Procedure for Reloading an Archive

Should you need to view archived change records, you can reload them in list format.

Reloading does not restore change records to their original tables in the user and maintenance system. You cannot use the reload function to make archived and deleted change records available again for the reporting function in Information ® Change records in the user and authorization system.