Archiving Workitems (BC-BMT-WFM)


You use the WORKITEM archiving object to archive and delete work items.

Work items cannot be reloaded.


Archiving and Deleting Work Items

For practical purposes, work items should not be archived without a reference to the application. You are therefore not advised to only archive work items in a production system. Work items should always be archived with the appropriate archiving objects of the application.

The functionality provided for archiving work items can be used to delete work items created for test purposes. Make sure that the work items that are to be deleted are no longer required for archiving in an application.

Scope of Archiving

The system archives all data that belongs to a work item that is not purely execution data. The archived data include log data, workflow manager data, and work items that depend on another work item (for example, the work items of a workflow or the lines of a work queue).

The objects in the container of a work item are only archived as references. Work item attachments are also only archived as references. The attachments themselves are not archived because attachments could be objects outside R/3, such as Microsoft Word files. Archiving is not currently supported for such files.

When the archived work items are deleted, the attachments (not archived) are also deleted.

Criteria for Allowing Archiving

You can only archive work items that have a one of the following statuses:

Execution of the work item was completed.

Execution of the work item is no longer practical or necessary in terms of the flow logic.

Furthermore, only those work items are archived that do not depend on other higher-level work items. This ensures that work items are not archived that are still being processed.

Selection Criteria for Work Items

The archiving program uses the following selection criteria to determine which work items should be archived:

You can specify whether the delete program (which can be started after archiving) is to be executed in test mode. You can specify whether or not the delete program is to be started after archiving in general archive customizing.