QM in Procurement: Basic Principles

Activating QM in Procurement

You activate quality management for procurement (active) for a material at the client level.

All other procurement data is stored in the material master record in the quality management view at plant level.

Procurement Data

The procurement data in the material master record controls a wide range of activities that are processed:

You can use the functions implemented in the QM component for supporting the procurement process as required. The QM functions apply partly to a certain material, a certain vendor and a certain material-vendor combination.

The control data, therefore, are stored partly in the material master, the vendor master and in an information record (info record) for the material-vendor combination (supply relationship).

You create technical delivery terms and quality assurance agreements in the document management system.

The various procurement objects, such as the procurement keys, document types and keys for certificate processing and delivery blocks, are defined in the Customizing settings for QM in procurement.

Graphic: Procurement Data for a Material

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Detailed information on how to maintain documents in the Document Management system is provided in CA - Document Management.