Creating a Quality Information Record

The Q-info record is typically created after you have maintained the QM data in the material master. The master record for the vendor must also be available.

You create a Q-info record as follows:

  1. Choose Logistics ® Quality management ® Quality planning ® Procurement.
  2. The system displays the initial screen for the procurement functions.

  3. Choose Q-info record ® Create.
  4. The system displays the initial screen for creating a q-info record.

  5. A Q-info record is kept for a combination of material and vendor at the plant level. Therefore, you must enter the material, vendor and plant in the initial screen.
  6. You can use another Q-info record as a model for creating a record. Enter the existing Q-info record in the Copy from section of the initial screen.

  7. On the data screen, you enter:
  8. Status Profile for Releasing Supply Relationships

    - Release Criteria for Procurement Functions

    - Information on the function or functions that should be blocked

    - Quality Assurance Agreement

    – QM system of the vendor

    If the vendor has a QM system, you can store a description of this system for the special material.

  9. You can also define whether the goods receipt inspection is to be deactivated or whether a goods receipt inspection and/or source inspection is to be performed. For this purpose, choose Edit ® GR/incoming insp. in the menu bar.
  10. The window for controlling the inspection appears. Enter the following:

    – If you want to perform an source inspection in addition to the goods receipt inspection, enter an inspection type for the incoming inspection and a lead time in days.

    – If you do not want to perform an source inspection although an incoming inspection is defined in the material master settings, set the No inspection indicator.

    – If you want to perform an source inspection instead of a goods receipt inspection, set the IncInsp.instdofGR indicator.

    If this indicator is set, a goods receipt inspection lot is not generated when an incoming inspection is performed. If no source inspection is performed, an inspection lot is generated for goods receipt.

  11. Save the Q-info record after you have maintained the necessary data.