The Vendor Master Record

The vendor master contains information about the vendors a company uses. This information is contained in individual vendor master records. In addition to the name and address of a vendor, the vendor master record also contains the vendor number and information about the currency and terms of payment that apply to the vendor.

In certain cases, you may want block the procurement of goods from a certain vendor (for example, if he delivers poor-quality products). You can block a vendor for quality reasons in two places:

The vendor block applies to all materials and plants

The vendor block applies to a specific material and plant

How is the Vendor Master Record Used?

For procurement and purchasing functions, the system first checks the vendor master record to determine if the vendor is blocked from these functions. If the vendor is not blocked, the system checks the parameters in the Q-info record, if necessary. The settings in the Q-info record are only checked if a vendor release or quality assurance agreement is specified in the material master record via the control key for QM in procurement.

You cannot continue with the procurement function if the vendor is blocked in either the vendor master record or in the Q-info record.

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