The Quality Information Record

If a quality assurance agreement or a vendor release is required for a material, you must create a quality information (Q-info) record. The Q-info record controls further processing of the material.

How is the Q-info Record Used?

When a quotation or purchase order is created, the system checks whether a Q-info record is required and available for the combination of material and vendor. A check is made to determine whether the purchase order can be released.

Independent of the Q-info record, the system checks whether the vendor and material-vendor combination is blocked or released for quotations, purchase orders and/or goods receipt. Whether this is checked depends on the procurement control key in the material master.

You can specify a status profile for releasing the supply relationships as well as the QM system of the material-vendor combination in the Q-info record. You can also decide whether you want to deactivate the goods receipt inspection or perform a goods receipt inspection and/or source inspections.

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