Status Profile for Releasing Supply Relationships

In addition to releasing the date and quantity, you can also use a status profile to release a vendor for a material (for a revision level if necessary). This status profile contains several release stages such as "model series", "preliminary series" and so on. The various release stages are defined in the Customizing settings for a status profile. Each of these stages can be assigned a different inspection type (and therefore a different inspection plan).

When an goods receipt inspection lot is created - provided that a status profile is stored in the quality information record - the system checks whether the last release stage has been reached (usually release for production series delivery). The procedure from here on depends on the result of this check.

If the last release stage:

If an inspection lot of this type is being processed, the goods receipts are ordered in a strict sequence for the same material-vendor combination. The next goods receipt for the same combination cannot be processed until the active inspection has been completed.