Working With the Customizing Menu

Menu structure

The functions are arranged as follows in the Customizing Menu (initial Customizing screen):

These activities are the basis of your implementation projects or release projects:
The R/3 Procedure Model describes the four R/3 implementation stages.
To generate your Enterprise IMG, you select the countries and business application components appropriate for implementing R/3 in your company. At the same time a folder structure is created in SAPoffice reflecting the components you select. This is for project documentation.
This is where you find activities that are needed for current implementation projects. These are:
This takes you to the SAPoffice folder structure
This is where you define your Customizing projects, generate Project IMGs and select attributes to create specific views of a Project IMG.
This is where you find activities that are needed to use Customizing for system maintenance and release upgrades.
This is where you find the following functions:
The IMG Info system provides, for example, where-used lists for objects.


There are pushbuttons for the most frequently used functions.

Screen layout

The Customizing projects are listed in sequence for convenient navigation.

Choose a Project IMG or Project IMG view from this list to go straight to the project or view. From there you can go to the relevant Customizing transactions by clicking the Execute icons.