3. Create change requests

The system settings are recorded as change requests. You use these change requests to transport your system settings (or "Customizing objects") to other R/3 Systems.

You create change requests in the Customizing Organizer. Members of staff are assigned to the requests. A task is created for each staff member assigned.

Changed Customizing objects are recorded in the following change request categories:

All client-dependent Customizing objects are recorded in Customizing requests.
All cross-client Customizing objects are recorded in Workbench requests.


The client has to be set up to permit:


You should authorize the changing of Repository objects and Customizing objects only in the Customizing client of your development and test system.

Create a Customizing and a Workbench request for each Customizing project. Create a task for each project staff member in both requests.

Define the requests as default (standard) requests so the system setting is automatically written to the task for that request when you save your work. In this case it is not necessary to enter a request number when maintaining the setting.


1. Verify the controls for changes to and transport of client-dependent objects in the client table detail screen.
2. Create the change requests, and assign members of staff to them.
a) In the initial screen for Customizing request management, click "Display".
b) Choose "Request/task -> Create"
c) Enter a short text description
d) Add the staff members.
This creates a task for each assigned staff member.
3. Identify the requests as default requests.
To do this, you position the cursor on the request and choose "Request/task -> Request -> Default request"

Further notes

You can also create Customizing requests and tasks as you are configuring your system settings.

A transport type is defined for each Customizing object and can be displayed in the IMG. Where the transport type for a Customizing object is not "automatic transport", you will find further details in the relevant section of the IMG.

You can find more detailed information about transporting settings in the document titled "Transport of Customizing Settings".

The R/3 Workbench Organizer documentation contains full details of the transport system.