5. Create Customizing projects

When you set up your implementation projects or Release projects, be sure to keep to the standards you defined in the Project preparation work package under the Define project standards activity for using statuses, for scheduling and for documentation.
The following are the project management criteria for setting up one or more Customizing projects:
Create a single Customizing project to model this project structure in the implementation guide.
To model this project structure in the implementation guide, create a Customizing project for each go-live date.
Create a Customizing project for each separate part of the group as appropriate.
Create Customizing projects for the master project and for each of the subsequent projects. Be sure the scope selected for the subsequent projects is the same.

Additional information


1. Create your Customizing projects and set the project management parameters.
2. Generate your Project IMG by selecting the countries and R/3 business application components to be implemented in the project.
Use your Enterprise IMG as your basis for making the selections.
3. If necessary you can generate views of the Project IMG.
Choose activities from the Project IMG (manually, or using attibutes); this further reduces implementation acivities (for instance to just the mandatory activities).