3. Carry out Release Customizing

Each new or changed/corrected function is documented by SAP in a release note. For your Customizing you should access release notes only using Release projects/views, as this way you only see the release notes that apply to business application components you selected for your Enterprise IMG. You can display release notes from your Release IMG.

Release project and Release IMG view functions are provided by SAP to support your Release Customizing work. Release projects and Release IMG views are IMG subsets that contain the IMG activities relevant to changing from your previous to your new release. You use the Enterprise IMG as the basis for creating a release project for Upgrade Customizing.

Release projects are based on the selection of business application components you made for your Enterprise IMG. The Release project is derived from that selection and the changed or corrected function attribute of the release note.

You should check or work through all the activities to ensure the system is still correctly configured for the functionality you use. Often you will not need to change system settings, but a change to the functionality of an application component may make a check of your settings necessary.

Additional information

Settings are sent to client 000 only, and can be copied into the various other clients.
As for delivery class C in the customer name range. In the SAP name range new entries only are copied to all clients.
As for delivery class C in the customer name range. In the SAP name range all changes are copied to all clients.
All changes are sent to all clients.


1. Choose "Release projects -> Upgrade Customizing -> Using Enterprise IMG".
2. Enter a Project number.
3. Maintain the Project header data.
4. Click "Generate Project IMG".
5. Enter the From/To releases.
6. Work through the IMG activities in the Upgrade Customizing project.