Personnel Development


You can use the Personnel Development component to maximize your employees’ utility to your company. You can plan and implement specific personnel and training measures and thus promote your employees’ professional development. By taking into account employees’ preferences and suitability, you can increase their job satisfaction. Personnel development also sets out to ensure that all of the employees in all of the functional areas in your company are always qualified to the standards required. This is achieved by developing qualification potentials.

A company’s personnel development needs are determined by comparing current or future work requirements with employees’ qualifications, preferences and aspirations. Career and succession planning scenarios might contain personnel development measures that are geared toward finding someone to fill a specific post. Scenarios can also contain more general measures to qualify employees so that your workforce retains or furthers its professional skills and abilities, and keeps in line with technological developments.


To use the Personnel Development component you will also need to use the Organizational Management component.

It is recommended that you use the following components also:



Personnel Administration

· You can use HR master data in Personnel Development

· You can conduct employee transfers from Personnel Development


· You can include applicants in Personnel Development



Personnel Development comprises the following components:

You use this component to set up, structure and manage a qualifications catalog. On the basis of this qualifications catalog , the organizational structure (and, if required, other information) you can create profiles. You can then use these profiles to manage, evaluate and compare object characteristics.

You use this component to work through career and succession planning scenarios. In Career Planning, you can identify possible career goals and draw up career plans for employees. Succession Planning deals with finding people to refill positions.