Qualifications and Requirements


You use the Qualifications and Requirements component to set up, structure and manage a qualifications catalog. You can create profiles with information from this qualifications catalog, the organizational structure and, if required, other data. You can then use these profiles to manage, evaluate and compare object characteristics. The profiles can be used to show both the requirements of a position and the qualifications and career goals (preferences) of a person. You can use profile matchups to look for, say, the persons suitable for a particular position within the company, or for the positions suitable for a particular person. If any qualification deficits arise, you can plan further training measures.


If you use the Qualifications and Requirements component, it is recommended that you implement the following components also:



Career and Succession Planning

· Work through career and succession planning scenarios

· Simulate succession planning

· Designate persons for positions, or transfer them directly to positions

Training and Event Management

· Display business events that would eliminate any qualification deficits a person might have

· Book persons onto business events directly from Personnel Development

Shift Planning

· Schedule employees on the basis of their qualifications


See also the recommendations contained in the Integration section of Personnel Development.


The Qualifications and Requirements component provides you with the following functions:

See Qualifications Catalog.

These sub-profiles are all defined in the standard system. In the topics for the individual sub-profiles, you will find out which sub-profiles you can create for which object types.

For further information on profiles and sub-profiles, refer to the topic Profiles and to the IMG for Personnel Development (step: Functions ® Define profile view).

This allows you to compare the requirements and qualifications of objects against each other and thus establish whether objects are suitable (for example, persons for positions) or whether qualification deficits exist.

This allows you to display the qualifications catalog.

You can display as many profiles as you please.

This allows you to search for objects that have the qualifications or requirements specified.