The Requirements Sub-Profile


The Requirements sub-profile creates a relationship between the following objects and a requirement:


The Requirements sub-profile enables you to portray the typical requirements of an object on the basis of the type of requirement and the degree of proficiency involved. The qualifications catalog is used to create this sub-profile.

You can compare the requirements and qualifications of objects against each other and thus establish whether objects are suitable (for example, positions for persons) or whether qualification deficits exist.

Your qualifications catalog must contain entries, otherwise you will not be able to create the Requirements sub-profile. For further information about creating and changing the qualifications catalog, refer to the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Personnel Development (step: Master Data ® Edit qualifications catalog).


You can assign any of the qualifications from the qualifications catalog to the sub-profile of an object as a requirement.

The following table shows you how requirements are passed on (inherited) in the standard system:




Work center





You can navigate directly from the requirement in question to the profile of the object from which it was inherited.

You can decide to what degree of proficiency a requirement is required by an object. The proficiency scale used is determined by the qualification group to which the qualification belongs.

You can decide whether a requirement is mandatory (essential requirement), or desirable (optional requirement). This information can be taken into account during profile matchups and in Career and Succession Planning. This will mean that only objects with the qualifications that have been defined as essential requirements will be included in evaluations.

You can specify a validity period for every requirement.


You can also set up a Requirements sub-profile for object types other than those for which standard settings have been made. For further information about defining profiles, refer to the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Personnel Development (step: Functions ® Define profile view).

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