Creating a Profile

  1. Choose Profile ® Change.
  2. The Change Profile screen appears.

  3. To change the object type, proceed as follows:
    1. Choose Edit ® Change object type.
    2. The Select Object Type dialog box appears.

    3. Position the cursor on the object type you want and choose Transfer.

    This takes you back to the Change Profile screen.

  4. Enter the object name or the object ID in the corresponding field.
  5. If necessary, change the data selection period.
  6. Choose Profile ® Call up.
  7. The <Object type>: Change Profile <Data selection period> screen appears.

    Use the object type Person to edit and evaluate an internal applicant’s profile.

  8. Choose the tab page of the sub-profile for which you want to enter data.
  9. Choose Profile ® Call up.
  10. A dialog box appears where you can select the entry or entries you require.

    If you choose the Preferences and Dislikes sub-profiles, you will have to work your way through several steps.

  11. Select one or more entries and choose Transfer.
  12. This takes you back to the <Object type>: Change Profile <Data selection period> screen again.

  13. Enter your data as required.
  14. Save your entries.


Entries have been added to the object’s profile.

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