Creating a Qualifications Sub-Profile for a Person: Example

  1. Choose Profile ® Change.
  2. The Change Profile screen appears.

  3. If necessary, change the object type.
    1. Choose Edit ® Change object type.
    2. The Select Object Type dialog box appears.

    3. Position the cursor on the object type Person and choose Transfer.

    This takes you back to the Change Profile screen.

  4. Enter the object name or the object ID of the person in the corresponding field.
  5. If necessary, change the data selection period.
  6. Choose Profile ® Call up.
  7. The Person: Change Profile (<Data selection period>) screen appears.

    To display a person’s master data, choose Goto ® HR master data.

  8. If the Qualifications tab page is not displayed, choose it now.
  9. Choose Qualifications ® Create.
  10. The Select Qualification dialog box appears.

  11. Select one or more qualifications that you want to include in the qualifications sub-profile, and choose Transfer.
  12. This takes you back to the Person: Change Profile (<Data selection period>) screen. The default status proposed for the qualification(s) is Unevaluated.

    To obtain more detailed information on a qualification, select the qualification in question and choose Edit ® Display.

  13. If you want to specify a proficiency for the qualification, enter this in the Proficiency field and choose Enter.
  14. The status of the qualification is changed to Evaluated.

    If you want to revert an evaluated qualification to the status Unevaluated, choose Evaluated.

  15. If necessary, change the data selection period by changing the values in the Start date and End date fields.
  16. Save your entries.


You have created entries in the person’s Qualifications sub-profile.