Creating a Profile (Starting Out From the Structural Display for an Organizational Unit)

  1. Select the object you want.
  2. Choose Profile ® Change.
  3. The <Object type>: Change Profile <Data selection period> screen appears.

  4. Choose the tab page of the sub-profile for which you want to enter data.
  5. Choose <Sub-profile> ® Create.
  6. A dialog box appears where you can select the entry or entries you require.

    If you choose the Preferences and Dislikes sub-profiles, you will have to work your way through several steps.

  7. Select one or more entries and choose Transfer.
  8. This takes you back to the <Object type>: Change Profile <Data selection period> screen again.

  9. Enter your data as required.
  10. Save your entries.


Entries have been added to the object’s profile.