Displaying a Profile (Starting Out From the Structural Display for an Organizational Unit)

  1. Select the object you want.
  2. Choose Profile ® Display.
  3. The <Object type>: Display Profile <Data selection period> screen appears.

  4. Choose the tab page of the sub-profile that you want to display.

You can display the sub-profile in graphic form. To do so, choose <Sub-profile> ® List.

  1. To display additional information for the following object types, work your way through the steps listed in the table below:

Additional data for the object types



Choose Settings ® Key +/-


1. Select the qualification or requirement

2. Choose Edit ® Display.

Person and applicant

Choose Goto ® HR master data or Applicant master data.


Choose Goto ® Short profile.



The system displays the sub-profile of the object, or additional information.

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