Matching Up Profiles (Starting Out From the Structural Display for an Organizational Unit)

  1. Select the objects whose profiles you want to evaluate. You can choose as many objects as you please, and they do not have to be of the same object type.
  2. Choose Reporting ® Profile matchup.
  3. The Profile Matchup screen appears. Every object with a qualification is compared with every object with a requirement. If essential requirements and/or alternative qualifications are taken into account in the matchup, they are identified as such.

  4. You can save the profile matchup and/or print it out.
  5. – To save the matchup, choose List ® Save to PC file...

    – To print out the matchup, choose List ® Print.

  6. To restrict the list to objects with qualification deficits, choose Settings ® Editing options
  7. The Profile Matchup dialog box appears.

  8. Select the Qualification deficits only field, and choose Transfer.
  9. The Profile Matchup screen appears. Now, only entries with qualification deficits are displayed.

  10. To display the profile matchup using SAP Business Graphics, choose Goto ® Graphics.


A list showing the results of a comparison between the qualifications and requirements of all the objects specified is created.