This function enables you to create and change careers. A career is a collection of jobs or positions, and describes a generally applicable career path within the organizational structure. By defining careers, you can depict the principal personnel development paths within your company.

You can use careers as a basis for career and succession planning. You can also use careers for human resource PR purposes, since they provide you with an easy means of showing (potential) employees the career opportunities that are open to them if they prove suitable and perform well.


You need to have defined jobs or positions before you can create careers.


The following functions are available:

For further information on SAP Network Graphics, refer to the Basis documentation (ABAP Development ® SAP Graphics: User’s Guide ® SAP Network Graphics).

You create careers in Customizing for Personnel Development. Once the customized component has been implemented, you can make changes to careers by choosing Environment ® Current settings.

For further information about creating careers, refer to the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Personnel Development (step: Master Data ® Edit careers).

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