Career Planning Scenarios


This function enables you to prepare and work your way through career planning scenarios. A career planning scenario takes an employee’s personality, skills and abilities and determines the sequence of positions this employee should occupy in the course of his or her future career, and the training measures required to obtain the additional qualifications needed for this. A career planning scenario anticipates how an employee’s career will develop.

In addition to ensuring a constant supply of successors by creating qualification potentials, career planning also sets out to promote employees’ professional development. By showing employees the various career opportunities open to them, companies can help avoid fluctuations in the number of qualified, ambitious staff.

In Career Planning, you can also look for activities that match a person’s profile.


The following functions are available:

If you select the planning criterion:

Then the following objects are displayed in the career plan:

Include qualifications

All objects that require at least one qualification which the selected object has

Include preferences

All entries (including inherited entries) from the Preferences sub-profile of the selected object

Include potentials

All entries (including inherited entries) with the exception of the qualifications from the Potentials sub-profile of the selected object

Include designations

All designations of the selected object

Include dislikes

All objects that are specified in the Dislikes sub-profile of the selected object are deleted from the hit list

Include career

The career items of all careers containing the position that the selected person (or user) occupies.

Additional career

The career items of the career specified

The criterion Include dislikes is really only useful if used in conjunction with another planning criterion.

Dislikes are not displayed separately.

You can use the planning criterion Additional career independently of the criterion Include career.

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