Using Detailed Selection For the Succession Plan


You must already have worked through a succession planning scenario. You must be on the Succession Planning screen, and the career plan or ranking list must be on display.

You must carry out detailed selection individually for every object in the succession plan. You must define the corresponding selection criteria in Customizing. For further information about defining criteria, refer to the Implementation Guide (IMG) for Personnel Development (step: Define criteria for detail selection). If selection criteria have not been defined in Customizing for an object type, you must either delete the object type from the hit list completely, or keep it in the hit list.


  1. Choose Planning ® Detail selection.
  2. The Detail Selection for <Object type> screen appears.

  3. You can decide for each object type whether it should be deleted or included, or whether the hit list should be restricted. Proceed as follows for each object type:
  4. – To keep all objects of the object type in the hit list, choose Cancel.

    – To delete all objects of the object type from the hit list, choose Continue.

    – To define selection criteria for the object type, choose Field selection.

    The Detail Selection for <Object type> dialog box appears.

    1. Select the selection criteria you want, and choose Continue.
    2. This takes you back to the Detail Selection for <Object type> screen.

    3. If necessary, change the relational operator by choosing the symbol you want.
    4. Enter the values you want for each selection criterion in the Low and/or High fields.
    5. Choose Continue.


The Succession Planning screen appears. The succession plan has been restricted on the basis of the selection criteria defined. The system displays the selection criteria. You can restrict the new hit list further.