Succession Planning for a Position, and Designating a Person for the Position: Example

  1. Choose Planning ® Succession planning.
  2. The Succession Planning screen appears.

  3. If necessary, change the object type.
    1. Choose Edit ® Change object type.
    2. The Select Object Type dialog box appears.

    3. Position the cursor on the object type Job and choose Transfer.

    This takes you back to the Succession Planning screen.

  4. Enter the object name or the object ID of the job in the corresponding field.
  5. If necessary, change the key date for planning.
  6. Select the planning criteria you want to include.
  7. If applicable, enter a career of your choice in the Additional career field.
  8. Choose Enter.
  9. Choose Planning ® Execute.
  10. The Succession Planning screen appears. In the top section of the screen, the system displays standard information on the position. In the succession plan, the system displays objects that match each of the selection criteria specified.

  11. To display the ranking list for the objects, choose Goto ® Ranking list.
  12. The Succession Planning screen appears. This ranking list is sorted by suitability range or suitability percentage. The planning criteria that the objects meet are displayed in the right-hand section of the screen.

    1. To toggle between the suitability ranges and the suitability percentage, choose Settings ® Suitability % on/off.
  13. Position the cursor on the person that you want to transfer to the position.
  14. Choose Planning ® Transferral.
  15. The Assign Holder screen appears:

  16. If necessary, change the staffing percentage and the relationship period.
  17. Save your entries.


You have transferred the person to the position for the specified period.