Evaluating a Simulated Succession Scenario


You must already have worked through a career planning scenario. You must be on the Succession Planning screen.

Displaying the Profile of an Object

To display the profile of an object, position the cursor on the object in question, and choose Goto ® Profile.

The <Object type>: Display Profile <Data selection period> screen appears, displaying the profile.

Performing Profile Matchups

To match up the qualifications of the planning object with the requirements of an object in the succession plan, position the cursor on the entry in question, and choose Goto ® Profile matchup.

The Profile Matchup screen appears. The system displays the qualifications and requirements. Essential requirements and alternative qualifications are flagged as such.

Displaying Qualification Deficits

Prerequisite: You must have performed a profile matchup, and be on the Profile Matchup screen.

  1. Choose Settings ® Editing options.
  2. The Profile Matchup dialog box appears.

  3. Select the Qualification deficits only field.
  4. Choose Transfer.

The Profile Matchup screen appears. The system displays only qualifications and requirements for which qualification deficits exist.

Displaying a Training Proposal

Prerequisite: You must use the Training and Event Management component.

  1. Perform a profile matchup as described above.
  2. If a qualification does not (entirely) meet a requirement and there is a training course (business event) that would impart the missing qualification, the system displays the Training proposal icon and the name of the business event.

  3. To book the person onto the business event, choose Edit ® Book business event.

Creating a Career or Succession Plan for an Object in the Succession Simulation

Position the cursor on the object for which you want to create a career or succession plan, and choose Goto ® Planning.

The Career Planning or Succession Planning screen appears. The system displays the career plan or succession plan.

Transferring a Person to a Position

  1. osition the cursor on the person that you want to transfer to the position.
  2. Choose Simulation ® Transferral.
  3. The Assign Holder screen appears:

  4. If necessary, change the staffing percentage and the relationship period.
  5. Save your entries.

You have transferred the person to the position for the specified period.