Selection of Potential Successors


You analyze the suitability of potential candidates using the appropriate selection procedures. Transfer any candidates who appear suitable as successors to the succession plan. You might have to check these employees’ career planning scenarios. If you do not find any suitable candidates within your company, there might be a need for recruitment measures.


You must carried out a Preliminary Selection of Potential Successors, and have a list of potential successors.


  1. Obtain information on potential successors.
  2. For further information on how to obtain this information, see the topics Displaying a Profile and Profile Evaluations.

  3. To obtain further information on the potential successors, you might need to carry out a personnel appraisal.
  4. Once you have carried out these personnel appraisals and have the information you need, establish a procedure for selecting potential successors.
  5. If you need to make organizational arrangements, arrange a time and place, and invite the persons involved.
  6. Select potential successors on the basis of the selection procedure you defined.
  7. Once you have selected potential successors, evaluate them.
  8. On the basis of the evaluations of the potential successors, decide who the successor(s) for the position in question is/are to be.


Potential successor selection can lead either to the following situations:

You can process the succession plan further. Possible steps are described in the table below:


You can:

you are required to inform the employees in question about the succession planning scenario

inform the employees about the succession planning scenario

an employee needs to acquire more qualifications

draw up an individual personnel development plan

an employee’s career plan needs to be checked as a result of succession planning

perform a career plan analysis.