Preliminary Selection of Potential Successors


You use this process to establish the company-internal potential successors for a positions that needs to be re-filled. The requirements for this position and further company-specific conditions are taken into account.


This process might be triggered by any of the following situations:

The processes that can trigger succession planning are listed in the process scenario Succession Planning. When you perform a Succession Plan Monitoring, you might need to modify a succession plan.


  1. Obtain information on the requirements for the position.
  2. For further information on how to obtain this information, see the topics Displaying a Profile and Profile Evaluations.

  3. Obtain information on any company-specific conditions (date as of which the position should be re-filled, for example, or restricting the selection to particular groups of people).
  4. On the basis of the information at your disposal, establish who the potential successors should be.


The preliminary selection of potential successors can lead to any of the following situations:

You can apply the selection procedure to potential successors and continue with the selection of potential successors .

You can issue a recruitment request to recruit new staff.