Font Attributes for Paragraphs

You can specify font attributes for paragraph formats. They control the font used in the text. You can specify these attributes both for the default font in the header and for particular paragraph formats:

Enter a font supported in the SAPscript font maintenance.

Enter the size of a character font. It is measured in 1/10 point.

Specify whether to use bold-face printing or italics.

Mark this attribute to underline entire blocks of text.

When defining a paragraph format, use More to specify these underline attributes:

Intensity is expressed in percent: 0 % is a black underline; 100 % is no underline.

If you defined default underlining in the header, then the fields for underline attributes are already displayed on the screen.

The following selection criteria apply to the font attributes bold, italics, and underlined:


attribute is not set




attribute is set

The combination of font family, font size, bold type attribute and italics attribute is referred to as a system font or SAP font. To use the SAPscript font maintenance, choose Tools ® Word processing ® Font.