Paragraph and Heading Numbering

The paragraph numbering and marking attributes are used to structure texts into chapters, subchapters, and sections. Numbering is carried out automatically by SAPscript.

You can create an outline with the entry options available:

Enter the name of the highest-level paragraph in an outline hierarchy here. The outline hierarchy is created by assigning this paragraph to all outline paragraphs.

Enter the level in the outline hierarchy. The outline levels of the paragraphs are numbered upwards from 1; the highest outline level therefore has the outline number 1.

Specify the space between numbering and window border. Note that your numbering may extend into the text area of the paragraph if the difference between the left margin and the number margin is not great enough to hold the numbering characters.

Specify the character that precedes or follows the numbering.

Specify whether you want the paragraph numbering of the paragraph to be preceded by the numbering of all higher paragraphs in the hierarchy.

...with number chaining

...without number chaining










Specify the numbering format. The numbering can be assigned a different font or character format to the rest of the paragraph.


Arabic numerals: 1, 2, 3.


Fixed character: letter or numeral, entered in the field


Letters: A-Z


Roman numerals: I, II, III, IV


Depending upon the numbering type that you select, the following attributes may also apply:

Define the fixed character to be used for numbering. You should only make an entry in the field Fixed character if you have specified CHAR as the numbering type. Fixed characters include + - and o .

Enter the number of characters for Arabic numerals.

Specify for letters or Roman numerals.