Modifying SAP Styles

If you want to modify SAP styles, set up your development environment as follows:

  1. Make sure that no SAP standard styles are stored as client-dependent copies in your development client.
  2. Such styles should be stored only in client 000, which is the SAP development and installation client. If you access SAP standard styles from within another client, the system uses the central copy from client 000.

    If you must delete SAP standard objects from your development client, read Notes 10388 and 3355 in the SAP Online Service System (OSS). These notes describe how to save edited styles and then delete all styles.

  3. If you want to modify SAP standard styles, first copy them from client 000 to your development client. Then proceed as follows:

Renaming SAP standard objects enables you to maintain and transport your changes using the Workbench Organizer. The Workbench Organizer is not available for SAP standard objects in clients other than 000.