Defining Character Formats

Define character formats to determine text formatting within paragraphs. Choose Goto ® Character strings. This takes you to the input screen for standard attributes, where you can define the character formats required:

  1. Choose Edit ® Create element .
  2. A dialog box appears.

  3. Enter the character tag and a description .
  4. The character tag is created. As for paragraph tags, the system automatically sets the other values. By default, it assigns a * to each character attribute, which means that the attributes are taken from the next highest hierarchical level (form).

    You can overwrite these values.

  5. Choose Attributes ® Font to specify fornt attributes. You use font attributes to highlight blocks of text or character strings.
  6. The system assigns a * to the fields Bold, Italics, and Underlined . You can overtype these entries .

  7. Enter the values required in accordance with the definition of font attributes.
  8. Repeat these steps for all character tags you want to define.
  9. Save the character formats.