Alphanumeric Form Painter

The alphanumeric Form Painter is a tool for designing the form layout and maintaining the forms. You can always use this Form Painter version, regardless of the frontend operating system you are working with.

If your frontend is equipped with the 32bit operating system Windows95 or WindowsNT 4.0, you can choose between the alphanumeric and the Graphical Form Painter. On the Form:Request screen, choose Settings ® Form Painter....


Forms are used for the page layout of SAPscript documents. To be able to format a text for output to the screen or printer, you must assign a form first.

If no form has been assigned to a text, the system automatically assigns the form SYSTEM, which contains minimal definitions for text formatting.

There are two ways of formatting texts using forms:

Observe these naming conventions for form names:

The characters * , & / as well as blanks are not valid.

Overviews and Operations

Form Components (Alphanumeric Form Painter)

Processing in Overview

Finding a Form

Test-Printing a Form

Converting the Page Size of a Form

Working With Form Components

Defining Header Data

Defining Paragraph Formats

Defining Character Formats

Defining Windows

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Using Text Elements in Page Windows

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