Form Components (Alphanumeric Form Painter)

In the alphanumeric Form Painter, a form has the following components:

Data related to development (created by, development class, and so on) and form information (which elements are used) are both stored in the header data.

Paragraph formats are required in forms (as in styles) to format texts. However, they are also used for word processing in forms, for example, to format text elements.

You can also use character formats to format texts or paragraphs. Unlike paragraph formats, however, they are used to format text within a paragraph.

Windows are output areas you position on the individual pages of the form. The system then prints the contents of the windows, the text elements, into these output areas.

Most forms comprise different pages, for example, one page with the customer address, the subsequent page containing the corresponding customer records. This implies that you must define different output areas (windows) on different pages.

A page window is the combination of a window and a page. You specify the dimensions of a window and its position on a page.