Defining Character Formats

Character formats in forms determine how text is formatted within paragraphs. They are a refined form of text layout.

  1. Choose Goto ® Character strings.
  2. This takes you to the request screen for standard attributes of character strings.

  3. Choose Edit ® Create element.
  4. A dialog box appears.

  5. Enter a character tag and description.
  6. The character tag is created. The system sets all standard attributes to * . You can overwrite this setting.

  7. Choose Attributes ® Font to define the font attributes for the character format. Font attributes provide a more detailed definition.
  8. Enter values in the input-enabled fields.
  9. The fields Bold, Italics, and Underlined are automatically displayed with * . You can overwrite this with your entry.

  10. Repeat the definition of character tags and their standard and font attributes until all required character formats have been defined.
  11. Save the character formats.