Defining Windows

You must define at least one window for every form. Otherwise it is not possible to format texts. Window definition involves a list of window names and corresponding window types. Units of measurement are not taken into account here.

  1. Choose Goto ® Windows.
  2. This takes you to the input screen for windows. A main window (MAIN) is displayed automatically. You can define a default paragraph here.

  3. Choose Edit ® Create element to add new window names and types to the list.
  4. A dialog box appears.

  5. Enter a window name and description.
  6. Input-enabled fields are displayed in the lower half of the screen. The field Description receives the value from the dialog box, the value for the field Window type is set by the system.

    By default, the system sets VAR as the window type for windows with variable contents. If you prefer another window type, simply overwrite this value.

  7. Make your entries or changes.
  8. You can define one standard paragraph per window in the field Default paragraph.

  9. Repeat these steps for each of your windows.
  10. Save your entries.