Defining Page Windows

To define a page window, allocate a logical window to a physical page and specify the position and size of the window (the window is logical, because you define it only once in the entire form by specifying name and type, but not its usage). However, the size is limited by the page format selected in the header data.

  1. Choose Goto ® Page windows.
  2. Choose Edit ® Create element.
  3. A list of defined logical windows appears.

  4. Select the desired window from the list.
  5. Enter valid values in the fields displayed in the lower half of the screen. The unit of measurement is set by the system.
  6. Specify the position of the selected window on the page and the dimensions of the window.
  7. To define page windows for the next page, you must first select the next page. Choose Goto ® Pages and select the next page. Then choose Goto ® Page windows and repeat the steps above.
  8. Save your form.

To delete a selected element, choose Edit ® Delete.

Filling Page Windows with Text

When defining page windows, you can request multiple columns. Define an area on a page and specify the position of the main windows in this area, as described in Defining Main Windows in Page Windows.

To fill a page window with text, you can also use text elements as described in Using Text Elements in Page Windows.